Events in the coming weeks

We've a great year of events planned at the Pheasant, from village events to pub quizzes and live music to brewery tours. So something, we hope, for everyone, but if you've other ideas you'd like to see, do tell us. See what's on offer in the coming weeks......

Bank Holiday (29th May @ 3pm) - Live Music - Hannah and Brian

Soulful ballads and plenty of popular covers for a pleasant, and hopefully sunny, Pheasant afternoon

Also on Bank Holiday (29th May @ 6pm) - Live Music - Rebooted

New to the Pheasant, a 4-piece Cleobury Mortimer-based covers band with music from the Rolling Stones, Beatles and The Who, through Kings of Leon and ZZTop to the present day

Father's Day Sunday 18th June 5.00pm

After a leisurely Pheasant Sunday Lunch, a real treat for Dad. Timeless tracks from the Rock n' Roll era from Shropshire's leading exponents - Ludlow-based Buddy's Revival. Not just Buddy of course but Elvis, Chuck Berry, Richie Valens, The Big Bopper and many more......

Sunday 25th June 5pm - Live Music - The HMV Band

The HMV Band provide a versatile and eclectic mix of music from the last 60 years covering pop, rock, blues and ballads, and their extensive setlist caters for all ages including classic tunes from the 60s legends through to The Killers and Kings of Leon. You can check them out here.